Monday, October 8, 2012

More from the Dye Pot

Spent another night immersed in colour (and water).  This time it was the blues' turn.
I'm always amazed that these (left) end up looking like this (right) ... after a little attention!  The superfine merino fibre takes the dye so well and the lustre shows through on the finished product. I could roll in it it's so yummy!    I am aiming to have as wide a colour range as possible for Deloraine and it's the reds' turn tonight.
The Lucky Ewe now has Ludwig's Yarn.  8 ply millspun english leicester from Tasmania's northern midlands.  Again, it just laps up the colour and the results are beautiful. Available in natural in hanks of around 450-500 grams....and a range of hand-dyed hues by us.
I've also been playing with bamboo.  We have a quantity of natural chain construction 8 ply bamboo yarn in-store and the natural is nice, but a bit boring so out with the dye!    Landscape fibre-reactive dyes don't take too well and tend to wash out so I tried the new iDye from Jacquard.  With the addition of a good measure of salt, I used the pot method on the stove and found that the colour took really well, HOWEVER, following the wash instructions for bamboo is ciritical - wash in cold water as hot water will leach out the dye.  I think I'll make a nice lacey top from the sample and see how it goes.
English Leicester hank drying together with sunny daffodil yellow 8 ply bamboo

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