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Fleece, Fibre, Knit & Crochet, Lacemaking, Dye,Spin & Weave

We always have a good range of fleece, fibre, makings and findings available. Our yarn range for knitting, crochet, weaving and lacemaking is available in natural and hand-dyed. Make-it-yourself kits are also a feature. Our products are available for purchase on-line at our shop . If there is anything particular you are looking for, please email me for a current list of stock. If I can help I will!

Oatlands Handmade is proud to be now a LANDSCAPE DYES stockist. We usually have the full range of colours in stock as well as sampler packs in the Elements range. Happy to order your special needs.
Oatlands Handmade's very own exclusive range of hand crafted batts suitable for spinning, wet and dry felting, embellishing, machine embellishing, doll-making.....the possibilities are endless. I make these batts individually on my little drum carder - they are not milled. Fibres are selected then picked and blended. The range includes :
  • Glitterati - a sumptious blend of Superfine Merino, Silk Thread and Sparkles in colours like Gold, Pink, Green, Rainbow Bright
  • Art - starting with a base of Tasmanian Superfine Merino (18.5 micron), lots of other beautiful bits of fibre and embellishments are added. Some are blended into the batt and some are supplied for you to add on to whatever your project inspires.
  • TasMagic Wild Batt- stunning, luxurious, sumptious, silken smooth in two blends
    • Tasmanian Superfine Merino (18.5 micron) and Possum Fur and
    • Tasmanian Superfine Merino (18.5 micron) and Wallaby Fur
I specialise in English Leicester (and often have  local Border Leicester and Corriedale), and Superfine Merino in the 16 - 19 micron range. I have a good range of lambs, hogget and adult fleeces and will have fresh fleeces from the 2012 shearing. Greasy & Washed
  • Natural English Leicester
  • Coloured Superfine Merino and Fine Merino (Local)
  • White Superfine Merino (Local)
  • EL Locks (natural and hand dyed)
  • Tasmanian Superfine Merino Tops - 18.5 micron 100g, 50g and 20g packs. Bulk quantities available on request. Trade prices too & discount for Guilds & Groups.
  • Alpaca rovings and tops
  • Wool and wool mix blended batts using a variety of animal fibres
  • Lots of lovely silks - Mulberry, Tussah, Cocoons, and Soy, Milk Latte, Bamboo etc 
  • Dyed and Undyed Trilobal, Angelina and other spark-el-y fibres
  • Wendy Koolhof hand-dyed yarns in 3ply, 8 ply and 10 ply
  • Tasmanian Ultrafine hand dyed 8 ply packs 200g and 100g in selected colours
  • Tasmanian Superfine cobweb weight hand dyed 50g packs in selected colours
  • Undyed/natural yarns in a variety of fibres including wool/silk, wool/silk/bamboo, 8 ply bamboo, wool/yak
  • Hand spun yarn - hand dyed and natural in a variety of fibres
  • Alpaca yarn in 3 ply and 8 ply in gorgeous colours, and natural black and brown
NEW  A good range of DAIRING kits, yarns and embellishments

  • Wendy Koolhof Hand dyed mulberry silk, swan silk and throwsters - a variety of colours in approx 200g hanks
  • Small lots of hand dyed silks
  • Silk scarf packs - 2 silks or silk and merino
  • Hand dyed silk roving packs in jewel colours
  • Coloured Silk filament
  • Silk tube, ribbon, and other silk stuffs
  • Dyed cocoons
  • Silk paper kits
  • Mahdi Chandler Threads
  • Raw Silk 8 metre hanks in white
  • Spun silk 8 metre hanks in natural
  • Silk/Mercerised wool 8 metre hanks in natural and our own hand dyed range of hues
  • Oatland Handmade's own Tasmanian Superfine Merino pure wool embroidery thread in 8 metre hanks in a palette of 10 blended hand dyed strong colours : Gold Mix, Fire, Russett, Peacock, Landscape, Clematis, Marine, Rhubarb, Verdant, Forest. 2 strand - easily splits to singles.
  • Range of Silk/rayon stranded and Anchor stranded cotton embroidery threads
  • Wool tapestry hanks
  • Malcolm Chandler's top and bottom whorl spindles, nostepinnes, lace-making bobbins, drop spindle starter kits and supported spindle kits turned from the most beautiful of woods
  • Sue Evans I Love Felt, Fibre Fashion Vacant Vessel Felting Kits in an astounding range of hand dyed colours. These kits have everything you need to start your felting journey - make one of Sue's signature Vacant Vessels !
  • Tasmanian Forest Beads Bracelet Kits - make your own from beautiful Tassie Timber beads
  • Buttons, buttons, buttons - SoewnEarth smoke-fired clay, Tasmanian timber, bone, huon pine and The Bird & The Fish novelty polymer clay beauties.
  • Knitting Needles, Embellishing Packs, Beads & Baubles, and an ever changing stock of fiddly bits and pretty things to sew onto and with
  • Pure Australian wool fabric great for over dyeing in assorted lengths, widths & colours - suitable for bags, accessories, some garment lengths.
  • SWALLOW Australian-made Knitting Needles.


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The Lucky Ewe is the "wool stash" room of Oatlands Handmade. Stocking fleece, fibre, yarn and all sorts of goodies for textile makers. The Lucky Ewe also stocks a range of clothing / wearable art, kits, accessories and books.