Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The stock so far, and most are specially priced for Bothwell Spin-in clients!

Tilly's Lace - our own natrual and hand dyed laceweight Pure Tasmanian superfine merino worsted spun yarn - assorted 1/12s, 1/15s, 2/26s. Millspun.
Pure Ewe - natural and hand dyed 3-4 ply Pure Tasmanian fine merino 19 micron lambs' wool - millspun
Tilly's Sock Yarn - hand dyed superwash 3-4 ply
Apsley - our hand dyed 8ply/DK superwash
All Wether - hand dyed and natural 8ply EL from Wantead Park (Ludwig's Yarn) and Melton Park
Tiberias - hand dyed Threadweigh for Lace/Tating/Irish Crochet etc 55% Spun Silk 45% Mercerised Wool. 
Assorted  hand dyed laceweights including cashmerino, spun silk, wool/silk, wool/silk/bamboo, alpaca 
Some handspun - mostly from our TasMagic Batts

Also, a full colour range of the popular and exciting ZAUBERBALL / ZAUBERBALL CRAZY and FLYING SAUCE SOCK YARN.    Patterns available on our website shortly.

18.5 micron Tassie superfine TOP
Natural in 50g, 50g, 100g and 200g packs. 
Pure Colour wheels - hand dyed in a range of colours
Four only garment lots of hand dyed 18.5 superfine

GREASY FLEECE in small packs.
Superfine Merino in natural coloured.
English Leicester
Picked merino fleece
**Orders taken for full fleeces, coloured and white from the next shearing.


Felter's Packs of hand dyed colour and blends
Felter's packs including extra bits of good stuff
TasMagic hand blended batts in a range of colours with extra bits of good stuff
Pure Colour carded batts
Hand dyed fleece - BL, EL, Corr
Carded fibre - BL, EL, Corr
Little packs of hand dyed silks, EL curls, Sparkle and such


18.5 micon hand dyed packs in a variety of weights and colours
Vacant Vessel Kits
Felter's Stash Packs - Make Something Nice
A range of Sue's gorgeous garments in wool, cotton and Tassie Superfine Merino


Budget wool winders & beaut Wooden swifts
Tasmanian timber Knitting needles including Ewe Beaut Big Ones
Australian Swallow casein kitting needles
LANDSCAPE Dyes by Kraftkolour - a good range of colours plus the popular Sampler Packs
Our very favourite wool scour/washes from UNICORN and TANTECH
Buttons, Threads, and such

.......whatever else I can fit in, I'll bring.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello to all our followers and regular visitors! I am regretfully letting you know that our last trading day for the Summer Season at Oatlands Handmade's High Street Shop will be Tuesday 26th February 2013. We have a family health issue (not me) to be managed, and rather than open/shut/open/shut and muck about with trading hours, the decision has been regretfully made to close the physical shop early. (I usually close for winter at the end of May). The Online Shops will remain trading though and I will still blog - as soon as I can get internet out at the farm.

The Lucky Ewe will be out and about - Bothwell Spin-In next weekend will be the first, then we hope to be at the Jordan River Farm's "Big Woolly Day Out" at the School Farm, Main Road Brighton on Saturday 13th April. I have applied for some Market spots over the Autumn/Winter and of course, we hope to return to the Tasmanian Craft Fair at Deloraine for more fun, demos and woolly stuff.

So, many many thanks to everyone for their continued support and love! I'll keep you posted. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Just unpacked the latest shipment of ZAUBERBALLs from Schoppell Wolle.  It's amazing yarn and just runs out the door! All colours in stock in both ranges plus FREE PATTERNS.  Also we've the quirky  Schoppell FLYING SAUCER yarn for those who want exactly the same colour-run in their socks!  75/25 wool nylon.  Check out Shawn - he can't wait to get out the needles, and Quin (our sheep dog) can't resist Fleigende colours. Ha Ha.  
Shawn checks them out!

Zauberball and Zauberball Crazy wool/nylon $24 per 100g ball
Great Free Scarf patterns available!

Quin with the six colours in the Flying Saucer "Sock Yarn"
100 g $28.  Your socks pair comes out the same colour mix!

To go with our new seasons' yarns, I am so happy to be stocking AUSTRALIAN MADE Knitting Needles!  SWALLOW needles have been made in Melbourne for over 100 years and are manufactured from casein (milk protein) so despite being a "plastic" they are not from petroleum-based hydrocarbon plastics.  Lovely to knit with - flexible yet strong and so silky.  Priced from just $4.20 a pair!  We've got them in size 10mm too for those who knit chunky art yarns. 
Australian-made Swallow Needles.  Prices start at $4.20 a pair!
Also on their way, flying through the postal connections fo the world .....Chiao Goo RED circulars in stainless steel and lace, and DPNs too! plus a range of Nancy's Knit Knacks for spinners and knitters including the fantabulous Anything But Lazy Kate and Nancy's great Yarn Pet.  Hopefully they will get here in time for the Bothwell International Highland SPin In and Fibre Festival !

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